• All communication will be done to the client through Fibernet staffs and means of communication only
  • Every client request placed by the agent will be based solely on the prices listed in Fibernet Price List.
  • Fibernet shall be entitled to adjust, to alter or to modify her Price at any time on its own discretion.
  • All prices shown in pricelists or proposals are all VAT inclusive except the dedicated plan which is VAT exclusive.
  • Installation takes 3-7 working days and may attract additional fee depending on the location of the client. Fibernet will reach out to you in cases like this
  • The agent is obligated to deal with all client in a formal and appropriate manner.
  • All sales are made in the name of Fibernet Broadband Limited.
  • No agent is allowed to sell in their name, or use any unauthorized form of advert.
  • Agents are expected to only use Fibernet approved means of advertisement.
  • Agents are expected to confirm location feasibility before opening a ticket.
  • Agents cannot open a home use package for a corporate organization, should that happen, the client will not be installed and Fibernet at her discretion might refund the client.
  • In the case of refund, due to no coverage or any fault from the agent, a 20% fee is debited from the agent commission.
  • Agent agrees that it will not sell, license, transmit, network, or otherwise distribute or transfer any of Fibernet information, login or any properties in any manner to third parties.
  • Fibernet agrees to provide support to agent where such is required to enable it to satisfy and encourage the client.
  • All clients brought in by the agent will follow the due process of installation in Fibernet. No agent is allowed to receive client money in their personal account, this might lead to cancellation of the contract.
  • All commission shall be paid 2 weeks from the date of when the invoice was raised.
  • This contract is governed by the law of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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